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1.  Bark Whimsy Houses---Ken ArmsburyAll Levels/15 Students
 5 days of carving Cottonwood Bark Whimsy Houses. Students may carve houses in the round or as a wall hanging, creating their own designs. Bark spoons and knives will also be available. Any type of piece may be carved: house, castle, lighthouse, etc. Instructor will demonstrate carving designs, techniques, and methods. Equipment and supplies will be outlined in letter to students. Instructor will furnish bark, wood burners, grinders, dust collector and finishing materials. 

2. Male and Female Wolf Bust—Linda CurtisAdvanced/12 Students 
5 days of carving Realistic Male and Female Wolf bust in butternut wood.  The heads of the wolves will be wood burned and painted. The lower half of the carving will be finished showing the natural beauty of the butternut wood.  The piece is about 9 inches tall by 6 inches wide and 4 inches deep. We will use both power and hand tools – a complete list of tools will be mailed to students who sign up for the class.
3. Architectural Carving in European Style --Izo BecicIntermediate to Advanced/12 Students 
5 days of carving projects, student’s choice. Projects to choose from: Green man, Acanthus, Oak Leaves or Grapes Shelf, Mirror Frame, Decorative Plaque w/Grapes, and several other projects to choose from. Students need to bring 3 to 4 clamps, mallet, sturdy wood box to raise project and clamp on, and large gouges.Students are expected to purchase a minimum of two projects.  Please note: If you bring a project to finish from past classes you will still need to purchase the two projects for this year. Instructor will call.

4. Two Santas from Basswood Mallet Carving---Marty Dolphens   Beginner-Advanced/16 Students
 5 days of carving a 2 – 12” tall Santas from basswood rough-outs. Attention to facial details will be explored. Students will need mallet, mallet tools, palm tools, paint brushes. Projects can also be completed using hand tools.  Instructor will provide carving screws and finishing supplies.   Instructor will send email. Cost includes rough-out.

5.  El Taco Bandito—P.J. Driscoll                                                                 Advanced/12 Students 
5 days carving “El Taco Bandito”.  Based on  a Joe Wanamaker design It will be  carved in separate pieces and assembled together.  The head on this project is carved separate and the sombrero is added on top of the head.  We will duplicate the process but not the exact carving.  The approximate completed size is 9-10 inches.  It will be out of bass wood.  This project will take some extra time in the evening to complete.  Some pieces may be rough outs, some may be cutouts.

6. **NEW** Bengal Tiger Bust-  Roger Nadrchal                                              Beginner-Advanced/8 students 
5 days of carving Realistic Bengal Tiger Bust. The Bengal Tiger will be wood burned and painted. The lower half of the carving will be finished showing the natural beauty of the wood.  The piece is about 11 inches tall by 5 inches wide and 4 inches deep. We will use both power and hand tools – a complete list of tools will be mailed to students who sign up for the class.
7. Pyrography-- Gen KreylingAll Levels/15 Students 
Learn pyrography (wood burning). Beginners will learn the basics of wood burning with an emphasis on why and how the different pens and techniques work. Emphasis will be given to soft shading, creating hair/fur, perspective, trees and foliage, shorelines and reflections. As students advance, they can choose a project from over 1,000 patterns or bring their own to work on. Projects can be completed on Italian Poplar, Basswood (either with or without bark), canvas bags, or gourds. Tools required: wood burner (instructor prefers Optima burners and pens, and will have them available in class), graphite paper, red ink pen, clear ruler, pencil, and eraser. A light may be helpful. Graphite paper, red ink pens, erasers and clear rulers will also be available for sale in class.

8. **NEW**Carving Cottonwood Characters—Rick Wiebe               All Levels/12 Students
  5 days This material is also great for producing caricature busts and faces, and Santa carvings too, having a texture that allows for fine detailing of eyes, teeth, ears hair hats etc.Power tools, roughouts etc., are not necessary in this wonderful direct form of carving art. Instructor will guide you in this course in learning to turn raw pieces of bark into real works of art, using simple hand tools such as knives, gouges and wood burners. It is possible, and even likely, that more than one project will be completed during the course.
  Instruction will also be given on a dry brush technique of producing an antique finish on the carvings.     Discussion and advice on obtaining bark for future projects will be included. Students need to bring  assorted hand tools.  Instructor will provide cottonwood bark and paints. Instructor will send email.

9. Antler Carving and or Gunstock Carving--Roger Lyon & Ken AdamsAdvanced/10Students 
5 days of power carving Small Scenes in deer, elk or moose antlers.  This class is designed to show how to make patterns and the basics of bone power carving.  Students must provide their own Antler or Gunstock (no guns allowed) Power carving tools only, dust box, dust mask, lighting, etc. If student wants to do a moose antler it must be small in size and student will have to provide the antler. Instructor will provide small antler pieces and will send email.

10. Caricature Carving – Floyd RhadiganAll Levels/16 Students 
5 days of carving 2 projects starting from cutouts, several to choose from. Projects will be a choice of fantasy, caricature, cowboys or Santa 3” to 12”. Students should bring gouges, knives, gloves, pencils, paint and paint brushes. Instructor will have cutouts to choose from.

11.  Dulcimer – John & Mary RobbinsBeginner-Advanced/6 Students
 5 days of constructing 34”-36” working Dulcimer. Included in price of class all materials needed; wood, tuners, frets, strings, and finish. Students will need to bring hand tools to customize their work.

12**NEW**Rosemaling—Alan Pearson                                          AllLevels/15 Students 
5 days painting in the Gudbrandsdal Style, students will complete  a small round top trunk (12 x 8 x 7)  Students will need to bring a #4 Filbert Brush and a #1 Liner Brush.

13. American Kestrel--Steve SchumacherIntermediate–Advanced/12 Students
 5 days of carving an American Kestral. Two poses to choose from. Pattern, cutout, feet and eyes provided. Students will need to bring study photographs, a power grinder, dust collector, face masks, wood burner, knife, sandpaper, paint and brushes, ruler, pencils, and light. Students will also need to bring their own habitat. Instructor will send email.

14. Basswood Caricature - Students Choice – Dave StetsonAll Levels/15 Students  5 days of carving a Man with a Cane Caricature or a New Santa from basswood rough-out, and practice bust. Project will focus on construction and facial expression. Instructor will work with all students who want to learn regardless of experience. Students need to bring Sharp tools, carving glove, and notebook. If student wants to paint their project, they will need to bring brushes, paint, water basin, disposable pallet, boiled linseed oil and paper towels.

15. Chip Carved Music Box---Rich WagnerAll Levels/12 Students
 5 days of Chip Carving the Music Box. Students should bring any chip carving tools and supplies they may have, including Deft or other lacquer spray, paints or special stains. Instructor will provide designs, spray adhesive, sandpaper, and stains. Instructor will send email.                                     

16, Intaglio Relief - Greg WirtzAll Levels/12 Students 
5 days of Intaglio relief, (carving a design beneath the surface of the wood). One of the new projects this year is of an Angel; you will have your choice of patterns, including Santas, religious, realistic, flowers, fantasy, etc. Project will be carved on 12” x 16” x 1” basswood board.  Students will need hand tools, a sharp bench knife, a light (if additional light preferred), gouges #3,  #5,  #7, #9 sweeps and paint brushes. Instructor will send email.

17.  Knife Handle and Tin Forge – Dennis NeubaurAll Levels/12 Students
 5 days of carving multiple projects starting with a knife handle. There will be a variety of woods to choose from. On the second day students will make their own tin can forge. The rest of the week students will learn to carve miniature caricatures out of 1” stick from  2” – 10” tall. Throughout the week students will also be taught different tool sharpening methods.

18 .**NEW**Decorative Gourds---Ruth Schumacher & Bert Wagner     All Levels/12 Students 
This class will focus on a wide variety of more advanced techniques.  Projects may vary from a large gourd project to which the various techniques are applied. . or several smaller projects featuring one or two advanced techniques per piece.  Techniques students may choose to use include: pyrography, power carving, inlace, setting cabochons, filigree or lattice work, pine needle rims, use of quick wood or epoxy sculpt, and special effects.  Time will also be spent on gourd design and viewing examples of the various techniques.    Some paints, dies and embellishments will be provided, however if students have a specific project in mind they may bring supplies that suit the completion of their special effects. (example feathers, beads, etc.)

19.**NEW** Clay Sculpting- Carlan Honaker  All Levels/12 Students
Every good woodcarving starts with a clay Model.  In this class you will learn to use an armature and clay to create your own creations.  You will be using an oil based clay . Students are encouraged to bring clay tools, although kitchen tableware will work.

20. Project Room 
For those non-carvers who have their own projects they would like to work on while socializing with fellow crafters. We will provide a room with tables/work space for you to do your own thing.

* Note: The **NEW** located next to a class number indicates this is a first year for that instructor, or they did not teach last year.

The MAWA Woodcarving Experience at Doane is an annual, weeklong workshop sponsored by the Mid- America Woodcarvers Association of Omaha, Nebraska.
The workshop is held on the beautiful Doane University campus, in Crete, Nebraska. All  classes are held in the classroom buildings and students stay in the dormitories. Meals are served in the college cafeteria. All buildings are air-conditioned and most are handicapped accessible. Dormitory rooms are double occupancy with sharing of bathroom facilities.
The curriculum of the workshop presently includes over 20 classes in a variety of carving subjects and skill levels and include wood burning, basket making and one a day classes. Currently the workshop can accommodate 250-300 students.
The 2017 cost for the workshop is $415.00 per person, or $805.00 for couples (this includes room and board, administrative costs, and your annual membership dues to MAWA.) Individual class fees vary. There are camper facilities and motels in Crete for those choosing not to stay in the dormitories (a separate tuition price applies to this group; currently $345.00 per person or $665.00 per couple)
Registration materials are included in the February newsletter. Members receive the February newsletter on or about February 1. Registration is on a first come first serve basis based upon return postmarks. The dates of the 2017 workshop are July 23 through July 29, 2017. 


Mid-America Woodcarvers Association
Omaha, Nebraska