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The MAWA Woodcarving Experience at Doane is an annual, weeklong workshop sponsored by the Mid- America Woodcarvers Association of Omaha, Nebraska.

The workshop is held on the beautiful Doane University campus, in Crete, Nebraska. All  classes are held in the classroom buildings and students stay in the dormitories. Meals are served in the college cafeteria. All buildings are air-conditioned and most are handicapped accessible. Dormitory rooms are double occupancy with sharing of bathroom facilities.

The curriculum of the workshop presently includes classes in a variety of carving subjects and skill levels. 

The 2024 cost for the workshop is $590.00 per person, or $1,135.00 for couples (this includes room and board, administrative costs, and your annual membership dues to MAWA.) Individual class fees vary. There are camper facilities and motels in Crete for those choosing not to stay in the dormitories (a separate tuition price applies to this group; currently $470.00 per person (or $885.00 per couple)

Registration materials are included in the February newsletter. Members receive the  newsletter on or about February 1. Registration is on a first come first serve basis based upon return postmarks. 

The dates of the 2024 workshop are June 1 through June 6, 2024. 


* Note: The **NEW** located next to a class number indicates this is a first year for that instructor, or they did not teach last year.

1. Bark-A-Techture -  Norm Minske                                                                     All Levels/15 Students 
​    Five days of carving cottonwood bark houses, with a twist. Students will all carve a basic bark house and then move into a second project, creating their own designs of cottonwood bark houses with a twist!!! The second bark house will have much more detail, with opening doors, framed windows, and various chimney shapes. Bark sizes vary and you will be able to design and carve to fit the wood. Any type of piece may be carved: house, castle, lighthouse, etc. Instructor will demonstrate carving designs, techniques, and methods. Equipment and supplies will be outlined in letter to students. Instructor will furnish bark and finishing materials​

2. **NEW** Caricature Carving - Bruce Ankeny                                                      Advanced/10 Students 
 You have seen his work in Woodcarving Illustrated. CCA Member Bruce Ankeny will teach five days of carving and painting any of his many roughouts. The pieces may be Santa’s, Hippies, pigs, etc. You will use hand tools and a good light is encouraged. A complete list of tools will be mailed to students by the instructor.

3.Carving A Vase with a  Design - Stacy Irish-Nehl                                               Advanced/12 Students 
​Five days of carving a basswood vase with a design. Students will be abler to select from multiple patterns. The vase will be pre-turned and ready for you to design and will be 11” to 12” high. This is a power carving class so dust collector and various power carving tools and bits will be used. A dust collector is required. You will need to have a wood burner with a ball tip to finish your project. Instructor will supply a modified stump cutter as well as paints and stains to finish your project. Instructor will send email with a tool listing

4. Carving Caricatures - P.J. Driscoll                                                                     Advanced/12 Students 
 Now is your chance to take a class with a real CCA member! Five days carving one of PJ’s award winning roughouts. He will have many caricatures roughouts to choose from. The approximate completed sizes range from 9-10 inches. It will be out of basswood. The project you choose may take some extra time in the evening to complete.  

5. Red Panda  - Roger Nadrchal                                                                      Advanced/12 students 
​ Five days of carving and painting a Red Panda from a rough-out. Instructor will concentrate on the body of the structure, texture, and painting. The Red Panda will be about 7” tall and 10” long, by 4” wide. Instructor will provide detailed instructions and reference pictures. This carving will be carved and textured using power tools. It will be painted in the class. You will use both power and hand tools, extension cords, dust collector required. and good lighting is the responsibility of each student. Bases will be available for an additional cost; however, students will need to preorder the bases. A complete list of tools will be sent to the students that sign up. Paints will be provided.  

6. Realistic Human Bust – Vic Hood                                                 All Levels/ 8 Students 
The blanks for the class will be made of butternut and large enough to carve a one half to three quarter size human bust. The cost of the blank will be between $60 and $75 dollars. This is not a portraiture class but subject based, for example, an American Indian, Sea Captain, Mountain Man, etc. It is up to the student to decide what they want to carve. The structure of the class allows for all levels of carving experience, from beginners to accomplished. There will be models available to help students to develop ideas and design

 7. Wood Burning - Richard Wagner                                             All Levels/10 Students
 Burning on Leather will be the main subject. Zentangle, Ambiguous and Mandela . Zentangle and Mandela, is a method of creating images from repetitive patterns. Ambiguous images, two images in one picture. The Zentangle, Ambiguous and Mandela projects will be wood burned onto a round plate 6”8” or 10” or 8”x10” piece of birch plywood. Also, any pattern can be burned onto leather. There will be plenty of patterns for all projects to choose from. Assorted materials will be purchased from instructor, prices will vary. Items needed: red ink pen, eraser, light if needed, extension cord and a burner with controlled temperature and a variety of tips. Instructor will provide all other materials. Cost of materials vary depending on your selection.

8.Eastern Screech Owl  - Norm Wise                                                                         Intermediate–Advanced/ 6 Students
​Five days of carving an eastern Screech Owl. This little owl is one of the smallest in North America. The carving will be half sized and will be 4 inches tall, and can be painted the students choice of grey or Rufus red. Dust collector required, face masks, wood burner, knife, sandpaper, paint and brushes, ruler, pencils, and light. Students may need to bring a base of choice. Instructor will send email

9. Chip Carving - Deb Russell                                                                   All Levels/12 Students
Enjoy a week of Exploration as you delve into the world of Chip Carving and Design. If you have that person in your life that is hard to buy presents for this is the class for you. From beginner to more experience’s chi carvers, take this class and create a unique personalized display plate to fit any occasion. We will not be painting but will have supplies to finish your project. Bring your chip carving knife and any supplies you wish. Instructor will send email.

Mid-America Woodcarvers Association
Omaha, Nebraska