Mid-America Woodcarvers Association
  42nd Annual Fall Show and Sale

Friday, October 7 - Setup 11:00AM - 5:00PM / Competition Entry 2:00PM - 5:00PM
Saturday October 8 - 9:00AM to 5:00PM
Sunday October 9 - 10:00AM to 4:00PM
Admission $3.00. Children under 12 free.

*** Registration for FALL SHOW NOW OPEN ***

To register, click on 2016 Registration Form button below. Print the form and mail in with your check to reserve a table for this years show.

Larry PutnamDon ElsasserWayne ReedWayne ReedKen ArmsburyWarren RauscherPat MorrisMax PorterMax PorterVincent CorradoWarren RauscherWarren RauscherAlice PorterJoanne KelleyAlice PorterAlice PorterVirginia StewartVirginia StewartLarry PutnamRoy CasselMary AdamsRoy CasselAlice PorterAlice PorterLee PoppeLee PoppeVirgina StewartLee PoppeJo McKenzieDenny JacksonJo McKenzieDenny JacksonStan McKenzieRoy CasselAlice PorterStan McKenzieJo McKenzieStan McKenzieJudy NygardMike HawleyAllen ScottPJ DriscollDoug DegnerStan McKenzieStan McKenzieCorey HalliganCorey HalliganCorey HalliganCorey HalliganCorey HalliganCorey HalliganStan McKenziePJ DriscollJo McKenzieWayne ReedKen ArmsburyPJ DriscollJim SchoberThad TinderJo McKenzieSteve ReedMike HawleyJo McKenzieThad TinderGary Klinger and Tom SpoonhourThad TinderJo McKenzieJo McKenzieStephen ReedNeil NultonVincent CorradoMary AdamsMary AdamsStan McKenzieJo McKenzieDenny JacksonMary RobbinsDennis NygardDennis NygardMary Jo WolfMary AdamsJo McKenzieAl MenghiniStan McKenzieCorey HalliganCorey HalliganMary AdamsAlice PorterJo McKenzieMike BerntMike BerntMike BerntDon KramerGary and Maryann KlingerMike BerntRoy CasselJo McKenzieNeil NultonDon KramerNeil NultonNeil NultonNeil NultonPJ DriscollAl MenghiniCorey HalliganDouglas DegnerMary Jo WolfAlAllen ScottTed TromlerJo McKenzieBud StricklandBob GregoryBBob Gregory Breta JacksonNeil NultonPJ DriscollNeil NultonThad TinderMary AdamsMary AdamsDenny Jackson
Mid-America Woodcarvers Association
Omaha, Nebraska
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